We are a Team Committed to Safety

At Selge Construction, safety is our top priority. We are committed to maintaining a culture which provides our employees a workplace free from recognizable hazards which could cause injury.  Our goal is to eliminate all hazards long before a workplace injury can occur. This will result in the “Uncommon Culture” we strive to offer our customers, our workers and their families. We are excited to see our team achieve continuous improvement in this area as we strive for an injury free workplace.

Our company has been built on the fundamental understanding the people are more important than profits. Each segment of work we do has an impact on many people. Whether it is underground utility work or building solar carports. Our employee’s genuinely care about how their work impacts each and everyone of those individuals. This results in the highest quality product, safest installation, and the best possible customer and community experience.

Selge Construction is not your typical contractor. Because we care so much about our employee’s it makes us a little different. And we take pride in the things like safety, that set us apart from our competitors.

Working with us

We have taken pride in our work since 1960.