Andrew Boyles

Project Manager

I’ve managed crews of various sizes and I pride myself on the versatility I am able to offer. I have been a part of many projects including sewer, water, storm, rehabilitating lift stations, concrete work, and the largest solar system in North America. I love odd ball jobs and venturing in to uncharted territory. My goal is to bring positive energy to work every day and tackle new challenges head on with a can do attitude.

I started my journey at Selge Construction when I was 16 years old working as summer help doing some of the dirtiest jobs the company has to offer. I have been fortunate to work under just about every foreman and project manager in the company. I thank each and every one of them for helping me develop a skill set that has prepared me for leading a team effectively. I am privileged to work for such a great organization and look forward to  expanding my capabilities in the future.

I attended Edwardsburg High School where I played soccer, basketball and golf. I am lucky to have an amazing girlfriend who I have been with since 2009. We have a dog named Vinny. We own a home together in Mishawaka. We enjoy lounging by the river, fishing, mountain biking, being outdoors and renovating our home.