Civil Flatwork Services

Selge Construction specializes in civil flatwork and provides turnkey concrete services. We have earned several concrete paving awards over the past 10 years. Our team has decades of experience in concrete paving, underground formwork, box culvert installation and ADA compliant access. We take pride in our ability to complete specialty flatwork projects, including pervious pavement, custom stamping, colored concrete, and vertical solutions. Over the past 55 years, we have assembled a team of talented employees who take pride in their strong work ethic and high level of integrity. We are proud to have earned a reputation for excellence in safety through our workmanship.

Civil Flatwork Experience

Selge Construction has years of experience installing all types of concrete projects. This includes round-abouts, sidewalks, foundations, curbs, walls, trails, and road paving. We are equipped with all of our own concrete equipment and our paving crews are made up of some of the industry’s best finishers and concrete laborers.

We also provide installation services for a large variety of precast concrete products, including reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts, manholes, vaults, and foundations.

Civil Flatwork Clients

Our clients include countless municipalities and commercial clients throughout Indiana and Michigan, such as: INDOT, MDOT, Meijer, FedEx, City of South Bend; City of Mishawaka; City of Elkhart; and many more!

Because We Care

Selge Construction has been built on the fundamental understanding the people are more important than profits. Each segment of work we do has an impact on many people. Whether it is underground utility work or building solar carports. Our employee’s genuinely care about how their work impacts each and everyone of those individuals. This results in the highest quality product, safest installation, and the best possible customer and community experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Selge Construction is not your typical contractor. Because We Care so much about our employee’s it makes us a little different. And we take pride in the things that set us apart from our competitors.

  • Quality and Safety
  • Customer and Community Satisfaction
  • Employee’s are family
  • Empowered Union (CLA)
  • Selge owns 99% of their equipment
  • Minimal Sub-Contractors

An Experienced Team

At Selge Construction we have the most tenured employee’s in the industry. Average turnover in the construction industry is 20% per year while Selge has averaged less than 5%. Our average employee works at Selge for 15 years. We attribute that success to the integrity of the company to choose the right thing even when no one is looking. We have dozens of father/son and siblings that work together.

Our team mentality creates a sense of family among the company. This provides better accountability, safety, and quality throughout every project.

Awards and Certifications

  • Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Achievement Award
  • American Concrete Association Excellence Award
  • Michigan Concrete Association Award of Excellence
  • The Amerisure Safety Resource Grant
  • Certification of CPR/First Aid
  • Gold Shovel Standard Certified
  • ISNetworld Registered
  • Kiewit Level 3 Installer
  • Midwest Energy Association Member
  • ISCO Electro-Fusing Certification
  • Licensed and Insured General Contractor
  • Experience Modification Rate of 0.77

Recent Civil Flatwork Projects

  • Douglas Medical Park - Mishawaka, IN
  • Gumwood Road - Granger, IN
  • Lasalle Trail - South Bend, IN
  • Walnut Road - South Bend, IN
  • 5 Points - Edwardsburg, MI
  • Western Ave - South Bend, IN
  • Lincoln Way West & Charles Martin Redevelopment
  • Hidden Hills Estates
  • Elkhart Jackson Blvd Reconstruction
  • Plymouth Candy Storm Sewer Improvements